We transform your current business into the Blockchain based platform.

Hire dedicated Blockchain developer for your project

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We are building Public and permission Blockchain networks. ICO, wallet, Bitcoin. 

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We provide the tech-edge consultation onto the other blockchain technology like Hyperledger Fabric and Neo Blockchain

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We develop serious to world application on public NEO Blockchain unleashing the power of the fast public Blockchain network. NEP5, ICO, Smart Contracts.

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Hyperledger Decentralized Application

Every Customer has a unique idea and with using our merging of cutting-edge technologies we can create attractive dApp using intuitive virtual consensus algorithm. Hyperledger blockchain service gives you flexibility for implementing your own business logic, It’s also got options to set your blockchain as permissible or private and with or without Tokens. The speeds of transactions are in millions per second compared to thousands in Ethereum.

Our Blockchain development team is the right solution for you and your business when it comes to developing a complex system using the latest technologies. Develop Financial, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. private blockchains on Hyperledger regardless of the industry you are in which will save your infrastructure and operational costs.

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Ethereum Smart Contract for Crypto - Gaming

We are the leading adapted blockchain development company with a team of dedicate blockchain resources, who make use of the ethereum blockchain platform to deliver extremely secure, private and proficient solution in smart contract implementation.

We are giving validity to every transaction or amendment in the blockchain. Making each record traceable to the core.

We can create any game with unique cryptocurrency and virtual wallet lets gamers and developers buy, sell, and trade assets in the games and in-game items faster, safer and more privately.

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Smart Contract ICO / Crowdsale for ERC20 Token

Blockchain Tech Team is the leading development company which is providing of tokenized solution on the blockchain. We are providing Crowdfunding based on Ethereum with multi-phase support. Handling the pre-sale whitelisting and the KYC/AML integrated investor participation.

In all inclusive infrastructure such as whitepaper, token smart contract, Crowdsale ICO Smart Contract, smart contract auditing for security risks, misbehavior, bugs and inefficiency.

Our team of skillful developers have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in developing and maintaining various blockchain applications in various industry ICO and gaming.

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Developing Web based Wallet dApps

By leveraging its long-term experiences in the industry, co-operative with its massive mastery in the Blockchain technologies, We have been careful examine all the possibilities in the Cryptocurrency wallet development process.

Hire a Blockchain Application Developer or Cryptocurrency Wallet Developer to build your decentralized Blockchain applications and Blockchain wallets.

With a focus to deliver excellent value, We authorize its customers to confidently invest in their Blockchain migration; and take benefit of the services provided by the company for business and financial success now and in the future days to come.

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                                  Smart Contract Auditing : Functional & Security

                                  We provide complete audit process with the detail summary of what with the link to the smart contract to be audited and its commit and what the contract does and in which protocol it is written. It also explains what are the analyses performed.

                                        Our Auditor will review  

                                  • Multiple independent auditors perform full service audits.

                                  • Overall smart contract architecture.

                                  • Technical analysis of the interaction between the smart contract and the blockchain.

                                  • Full service smart contract audit solution.

                                  • Identify potential bugs in the smart contract code and label them with a severity.

                                  • Possible optimisation of smart contract code

                                        How do we add value to your blockchain development?


                                        Develop comprehensive application based solutions using the blockchain technology.

                                        Use the state-of-the-art technology in the creation of a stable and effective network.

                                        Create an intuitive operative interface for ease of use of the service at various levels within your organization. 

                                        We can easily setup Ethereum or another mining node to ensure you can start earning immediately.


                                        We build cryptocurrency exchange platform to bridge between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.


                                        We develop dApp to enable businesses to start accepting cryptocurrencies instantly.


                                        We have years of experience in working with the best minds of the IT industry. We have helped several companies develop comprehensive web applications, websites, digital tools, etc. to help their business grow. 

                                        Contact us today to know more about how our blockchain services can revolutionize your business.