With the depth of experience on cutting-edge blockchain technologies, we've transformed many ideas into compelling Blockchain based solutions.


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Technology and Promotion Partner for Yezcoin.com

BTT is the official technology partner of Yezcoin, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that combines the speed of a centralized exchange with the world class security of a decentralized exchange. We have developed dedicated secure and tripled security measures by verifying traders with their biometric information and preventing them from sending their crypto to known scam artists and Internationally sanctioned addresses. 

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Distributed Health Records on Hyperledger Fabric  

BTT furnished Hyperledger based distributed EHR system consist of accurate and latest patient data, interoperability, Data storage, security and fraud detection and privacy control.

The information unveiled by EHR on the distributed ledger of a permission Blockchain would be ideally made compatible community-wide, with the demonstrative integrity from the point of data generation to the point of use, without manual human hurdle.

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KYC (Know Your Customer)

Here @BTT, we have developed BRICKS4US ICO the cryptocurrency that excites change in real estate is the first cryptocurrency integrates.

It helps the business process to improve their Know Your Customer (KYC) process ensures the Identity of the Investors or Fund contributors data along with maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Integration makes possible the automated maintenance on blockchain allowance to the authorized or whitelisted Wallet addresses using the smart contract thus making the system Decentralized. 

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ICO for Art platform token FRESCO

Blockchain TechTeam successfully developed, deployed KYC / AML integrated ICO platform showcasing the over all roadmap plan of the FRESCO Token  - a blockchain based platform for art trust value distribution network. 


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EtherAthlete - ERC721 Crypto Game

Build Your Dream Team Get your hands on the world's best athletes
Buy, sell, or trade your EtherAthletes Smart Contract like it was a traditional collectable using blockchain technology.

The moment you purchase a Smart Contract, it automatically increases up to double in price. Watch out! When someone else matches the current price, they’ll automatically snatch your Smart Contract. You’ll lose the card but you will receive up to double the amount you originally invested in ETH.

Website | Video

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Technological and development partner of loomia.com

BTT is the technology partner of Loomia and built an end-to-end solution to bring Blockchain to mainstream consumers. Loomia is creating a bridge between digital intelligence and the physical materials that we interact with every day.

Token sale of Loomia which will eventually let customers profit off their clothes by selling the data Loomia's sensors collect back to apparel makers, then collect rewards that are redeemable on the blockchain.

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Crowdsale (Ethereum ICO

ERC20 standard Ethereum Token.

Crowdfunding based on Ethereum with multi-phase support.
Handling the pre-sale whitelisting and the KYC/AML integrated investor participation.
ICO Workflow Video
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Document Timestamping with StampMyDoc

Timestamping the document (eg. business contract) using Ethereum Blockchain where the interested party can publicly verify the integrity

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Decentralised & trust-less trading with 0x Protocol for ERC20 Tokens

Development of a Ethereum based decentralized  CoTrading platform. It involves integration of the trading ERC20 tokens over a decentralised exchange like Etherdelta, 0x Exchange, Kyber.
Visit our Video | Visit our Case Study 

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Opensource active contributor for BitSend

Leveraging a sense of our expertise on the blockchain technologies, BTT is an active contributor for the Bitcoin forked BitSend wallet. Adding the wallet unlocking feature