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A systematic blockchain development service will help you set off the perspective of your business and accept newer, more useful and faster technologies into your business model. Our entire team of developers strives hard to keep up with the latest technological trends. Keeping up our stock of extensible services, we bring you tailor-made blockchain development services for corporate purposes.

We have passionate experts team who builds blockchain application by their innovation. Our experts set their mind from application design to launch. With the in-depth experience of on cutting-edge blockchain technology, we have transformed many ideas into compelling blockchain based solution.

Our Services:

Developing Smart contracts: We serve as a team for developing the application specific smart contracts (i.e. if client wants to develop the smart contract for his real estate business then we will design and develop accordingly. We are a full stack development company and we develop smart contracts to automate the execution of Ethereum. By using industry standard contract security pattern to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities in your application.

Developing dApps: Developing dApps to set the overall user experience for complete blockchain solution.
Developing ICO on ethereum:  A package ICO development involves token generation contracts + portfolio website describing the project plan.
Private blockchain Development: For the enterprise looking for decentralised storage as trusted ledger with non-modifiable history. Developing a solution on top of private blockchain is a key.
Hyperledger Fabric: We use hyperledger fabric for distributed ledger solution on permissioned network and provide the ideal solution for enterprise use cases where all participating entities are known and trusted.
Micro service middleware: Developing the micro-service middleware with cutting edge fast-track development strategies using Node.js, python, DJango, Java + Jersey.
CryptoBank: We are using corda Open source technology to build the blockchain applications. We have an expertise who can able to develop peer-to-peer application like “CryptoBank”.  Our resources can develop the cryptoCurreny exchange platform which can exchange the currency as well as you can make a payment from it.
CryptoGames: We have heard about the new games on ethereum blockchain and that made the headlines within the cryptocurrency community because of it’s extremely unique idea. Our experts can develop the Cryptogames like CryptoKitties, cryptopunks, Ethertulips, Mythereum, ladger legends etc.Recently we have developed the Crypto Celebrities & EtherAthletes.  
Autonomous cryptoExchange: Here @BTT we have developed the Autonomous crypto exchange platform using 0x protocol. We have developed the two way the trading of COT token between the smart fund contract and the platform contract and between the third party user having the external ethereum account.

Blockchain Use cases (business analysis to apply blockchain in Various industry):

Companies in financial services, healthcare, energy, supplychain, and other industries are racing to set about taking care of blockchain — the technology backward Bitcoin that guarantees to upgrade energies in several processes, plus produce new business opportunities. But many are doing so directly because of afraid of missing out, without a clear understanding of how it can be useful and when it should be applied.

(1) Supplychain:

In supplychain industry you can implement blockchain in Automotive supplier payments, Meat traceability, Electric power microgrids, RFID - driven contract bids and execution, Cold chain Monitoring, IOT, Ecosystem, Currency volatility, Technology & Knowhow, mindset etc.

Blockchain can resolve supplychains, industries, and ecosystems. Interestingly even company like banks, who would appear to be losing out, can see chances to use blockchain to streamline their own business. In-depth alteration of supply chains will not take place overnight. However, supply chains can already start using blockchain for small sections of their operations. Smart contracts can help remove costly setbacks and waste currently due to booklet handling of paperwork. From there, the door is then open to smarter, faster, more secure supply chain from one end to the other.

(2) Insurance:

In insurance industry you can implement blockchain in KYC, motor insurance claim, faster settlement, information sharing, Swifter, Insurance claim management, Inter insurance communication, multinational insurance, Trade finance, Flight delay insurance, marine insurance, Data Exchange.

(3) Entertainment: In Entertainment industry you can implement Digital currency music, Gambling online lottery tickets, peer-to-peer movie distribution platform, Advertising intelligence platform, Digital ticket booking platforms, Boat ownership verification, Automate royalty payment.

(4) HealthCare: In Healthcare industry you can implement Data Exchange(patient & population), Pharma supplychain, Reduce payment period, Transparent supplychain, Public health & medical health data sharing, Secure document exchange, Medical data storage, Patient confidentiality, Clinical trials data sharing.

(5) Banking: In Banking industry you can implement International payments, Digital documents, Trade finance, KYC, Cross border payments, Interbank payments, International trade finance, Multinational Insurance, Goods trading, Loan payment system, Global cash management, Real time payment system.

(6) Retail: In retail industry you can implement cashless consumer, spending, Food supply chain, Contactless payment, Diamond trading, Luxury goods tracking, Fabric verification, Tracking food supply, Diamond supply chain.

(7) Food & Beverages: In this industry you can implement customer loyalty platform, Sustainable fishing, Food Traceability, supplychain, tracking, Trade finance, Farm-to-fork traceability, Wine supplychain.

(8) Travel & Tourism: In this industry you can implement Overseas flight delayed insurance, Airline loyalty management, Vacation rentals, Hotel inventory distribution, B2B travel booking platform, Digital Passport, Digital security, Airport security, Airline ticket booking system, Flight status data sharing, Single travel token.

(9) Energy & Utilities: In this industry you can implement Commodity trading, Energy supplychain, Trade settlement, Energy distribution, Renewable energy financing, Share energy consumption, smart devices, Peer-to-peer energy trading, Energy trading Market place.

(10) Government & Public sector: In this industry you can implement commodity trading, Asian banks, Digital document transfer, Land registration, inter-bank Payments, Health records, Goods trading, diamond trading.