Traceability Of Seafood in Blockchain

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The seafood restaurant owner who is strives to serve only the freshest, highest quality SeaFood to his patrons.

But he often has difficulties knowing exactly:

  • Error as a result or manual recording

  • Illegal practices like unreported selling, unregulated lobstering etc.

  • Poor seafood storage conditions

  • Mislabeling

  • Compromised product quality

  • Lack of vendor and consumer trust

From ocean to table the Lobster supply chain is difficult to track and regionally follows his pattern suspicious caught by a commercial fisherman in the ocean.

  • The fishermen themselves the lobster to the market processor, or broker.

  • A distributor than transports the lobster to the restaurants or grocery for the consumer to purchase.

  • The owner typically only buys from one or two lobster distributors that he has built a foundation of trust and personal history with. He would like to expand his menu by adding some different kind of seafood from other distributors but he worries about integrity and for good reason.

  • Recently study about Oceana which shows that 33% of seafood purchased from retail outlets is incorrectly labeled and that illegal fishing represents losses between 10 to 23 billion dollars worldwide which knows that mislabeled and illegally sourced seafood could hurt his customers. His restaurant's reputation and the environment of our planet.

The solution for restaurant owner:

  • Fortunately for owner and others in the seafood industry sawtooth lake blockchain technology can provide an immutable record of the provenance and lineage of various goods like a lobster in combination with the internet of things enable sensors sawtooths lake can manage the ownership and journey of lobster from ocean to table.

  • Sensors can be attached to lobster that moment they are harvested immediately and continuously recording data such as the location and the temperature of the lobster.

  • Now owner can validate when and where his lobster was caught and that it was stored properly on ice while it was transported. The sawtooth lake platform can also manage the chain of custody lobster enabling ownership to be transferred and traded on the blockchain according to the smart contracts.

  • With sawtooth lake as a traceability blockchain which can easily see which fisherman meet his quality standards and feels comfortable doing business with new tradesman when he serves up a new special - cherished customer. He/she can confidently and accurately assure his/her it’s the type of lobster he/she orders it was stored at safe temperatures. When & where it was caught how long it took to get to his/her plate.

  • Sawtooth lake blockchain technology can be used for wide variety applications from capital markets to international trade. The internet of things has the physical world to digital world with sawtooth lake recording the generated data in a way that all parties can trust it’s accuracy and completeness. This is extremely useful for tracking perishable goods like lobster. These sensors can track many key parameters such as location temperature, humidity motion, shock & tilt. This technology could be added to any package or sensitive good. You're interesting to other parties the blockchain will ensure the data is secure and tamper-proof, so that you know what you are getting and that you get what you pay for.

Sawtooth lake creates a digital platform enabling physical capabilities in a trustless world.

How Blockchain Technology will work:

  • Well, when we talk about blockchain and its use in traceability of products, an important point that comes up is that it works along with IoT, like RFID.

  • As mentioned above, the customer can scan the code on the product and get to know the details related to it; it shows that blockchain along with the current technology will help in the formulation of the system which is effective, efficient and transparent.

  • Seafood Caught by the lobsterer and is then tagged with RFID or QR Codes > This then gets transferred, and the sensors on the seafood transmit information in real time about location, time, date, etc.

  • All this information is recorded in the blockchain >The blockchain company tracks possessions and any change in the same, and all this again is stored in the ledger> The buyer can access all the information by scanning the code or RFID or the tags.


We can provide service for any industry:

Supply chain Management:

  • Information-sharing across organizations — trust, transparency, and efficiency.

  • Supply Chain Management — With FlureeDB, a consortium of stakeholders in a supply chain can own, operate and enforce rules for their own shared blockchain.

  • Coordinate logistics, payments, financial terms, and contract rules.

  • End-to-End visibility and tracking of supply chain process in real-time.

  • Auditing — Records can be instantly independently verified.

  • Compliance — Track processes against regulations with pre-defined rules.

  • Business Contracts — Set predefined rules for transactions between two or more companies engaged in a partnership.


  • Track truthful, the full history of the vehicle from pre-production to sale.
  • Supply chain parts management

Banking, Financial, Fintech

  • Streamline payments processing with high efficiency, fast and secure transactions

  • Empower global transactions, tearing down national currency borders

  • Minimize auditing complexity for any financial ledger


  • Tracking donation allocation, accountability, integrity

  • Reduce overhead and complexity of donation payment processing.


Cloud Storage

  • Increased security with a shift from centralized data security to decentralized network

  • Lower transaction costs within a decentralized network

  • Crowdsourcing unused cloud storage

Commercial Vehicles and Transportation

  • Tracking journey stops; paired with IoT to create an immutable ledger of trip data

Credit History

  • Make credit reports more accurate, transparent, and accessible


  • Fight hacking with the immutability of ledger

  • Guarantee validity with data integrity

  • No Single Point of Failure (decrease in IP-based DDoS attack success)


  • Provide auditable trail for donations to prevent fraud

  • Ensure crowdfunded campaigns receive donations and contributors are compensated


  • Digitizing, verifying academic credentials

  • Federated repository of academic information specific to the class, professor, and student


  • Bypass public grids to allow for cheaper, peer to peer energy transfer

  • Smart utility metering


  • Combined with machine learning algorithms, blockchain can provide a decentralized forecasting tool

Government and Voting

  • Reduce voter fraud, inefficiencies with verifiable audit trails

  • Minimize government fraud, digitize most processes

  • Increase accountability and compliance for government officials

  • Identity validation; integrity of citizen registry data

Gun Safety

  • Tracking gun ownership and possession related information

  • Tracking criminal ID history and attempts to purchase

Human Resources

  • Background checks: Verification of identity, employment history

  • Payment and benefits process validation — smart contracts


  • Improve multi-party contracts

  • Streamline risk contract efficiency

  • Streamline claims adjudication

  • Reduce disputes with the transparency of shared data


  • The ability for IoT applications to contribute transactional data to blockchains

  • Implications across industries (trucking/transportation, supply chain integrity, etc.)

Law enforcement

  • The integrity of evidence, resistance to falsification of case data

  • Documentation of time-stamped, chronological chain of facts


  • Smart contracts with defined rules, expiration, and accessibility for relevant parties.


  • Bypass intermediaries, providing more cost-effective advertising


  • Control of ownership rights

  • Anti-piracy / copyright infringement

  • Use of smart contracts for artist compensation/legal proceedings

  • Payments processing — cryptographic, secure, and anti-3rd party (this opens up content availability internationally)

Medical / Healthcare

  • Drug Supply Chain Integrity

  • Patient Databases/Indexes on the blockchain

  • Claims Adjudication

  • Medical Supply Chain Management

  • Transparency and Automation within the patient-to-hospital or patient-to-doctor transactions

  • Clinical trial provenance — integrity with an auditable trail of data exchange

  • Efficiency, privacy, and ownership of patient health data

Public Transportation/Ride Sharing

  • Streamline public transportation

  • Provide more accurate payment for ride, gas, and wear and tear

Real Estate

  • Transparency within agreements

  • Verify property information, update and decentralize records

  • Reduce paperwork, digitize transactional processes

  • Record, track, transfer land titles


  • Passenger Identification, boarding, passport, payment, and other documentation digitized and verified

  • Loyalty programs digitization and tracking

Wills and Inheritances

  • Smart contracts to determine the validity of will and allocation of inheritances.