ICO Platform Cost Calculation

What should be an average cost of an ICO platform?


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Smart Contract

Smart contract for an ICO platform must be written with high level accuracy and reviewed by the third party auditing teams. 

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What are the steps to build an ICO platform?

There are many uncertainties in the market and its really fuzzy when you would like to build your

Own ICO platform and you don’t know what would be the cost.

Of course this is not something can not be answered in binary but there are some factors to help you to calculate the rough cost of the ICO platform

White Paper

You need to prepare a white paper first. You may have a drafted concept and idea but it will need polishing and proper format to release it along with the ICO platform with blockchain technical details.

DAPP + Web App

What kind of front end you would like to build. What level of richness do you need? Do you need it mobile friendly or do you want to build the native apps for the same?

Big considering factor over here is, have you already got the mockups or you are still looking for a graphics designer to design a page layout?

User Management

This is also a very general but required feature to take in to consideration. How many user roles do you target? What level of access rights mechanism do you want to offer to the users? You can find a team who can reuse the code and underlying architecture of the user management system to save the efforts and optimize the cost.

Smart Contract for Token & Presales

This is the crucial factor where you may or may not have a knowledge about what is smart contract, how smart contracts are being written and how to review smart contracts.

Smart contract is basically a simple peace of code must be written by the programmer with high level IQ and deep thinking capacity. You can hire third party companies to review your smart contract.

You can hire people or developer to deploy the smart contracts on the TestNet first and then can deploy it on Ethereum mainnet. This is really a critical job as smart contract may not be changed after deployment.

ICO Test Cases for smart contracts

This is the best way to test your smart contract. You can get the detailed test cases written about your smart contract and can execute it on every change you made on the smart contract. We are in process of building an automation platform for smart contract test cases.

ICO Deployment

This is the “roll out” phase of your smart contract. You will create your own Ethereum node (This will not work as a miner) and attach it to the Ethereum MainNet. This requires a good experience of launching an ICO platforms because once your smart contract will be deployed on the Ethereum, its immutable.

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