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The crypto asset trading game on the trustless system

We have heard about the new games on ethereum blockchain and that made the headlines within the cryptocurrency community because of its extremely unique idea. In this game players can buy, sell,  trade, or breed the digital assets like celebrities, kitties, cryptopunks, Ethertulips, Mythereum, LedgerLegends etc. Here @BTT (Blockchain Tech Team) we have developed the Crypto Celebrities which is the blockchain based game.  

What is crypto celebrities?

 How CryptoCelebrities work

CryptoCelebrities is the blockchain based game where you can buy, sell, or trade and breed your favourite celebrities that are made and generated over ethereum blockchain. In this CryptoCelebrities are actual cryptocollectibles. The moment you purchase a Smart Contract, it automatically increases the price and next price is being set by the smart contract itself. There is no human interaction in between and hence its a trust-less system. Pre-defined amount of few portion of the margin will go to the hours and rest of the part will be credited in the the previous owner’s wallet. It is fully transparent game/system because of being on the Ethereum network. 

What we can offer here @BTT :

Here we offer you the systematic blockchain service which will help you to expand the borders of your business and adopt newer, more efficient and faster technologies into your business. 
Our expertise can develop the ERC721 ethereum based smart contract for blockchain development. We can develop the dApps and also integration between smart contract and dApps using web3js.

Why should we use ERC721?:

ERC721 is the non-fungible token. It is the actual feature of asset or token which is resolve whether item or quantities of the same or related type can be fully interchangeable during exchange of service. 
ERC721 tokens used in any exchange but the value of the token is unique and rare which is associated with each token. The standard of ERC defines the function name, symbol, total supply, balance of, owner of, approve, take ownership, transfer, token of ownerby index, and token metadata. 
It defines two cases transfer and approval.

How ERC721 is different from ERC20?



ERC20 is a fungible.

ERC721 is non fungible.

The advantage of this token is that any application or other SmartContract can connect with a token in a standard manner without a need of knowing other details about the token.

ERC721 token can be apply in any interchange, but their sequel is a result of the uniqueness and rareness linked with each other.